• What is a digital nomad, and where have they come from?! 

    Just who are these digital nomads? The simple answer is it could be almost anyone, from almost any walk of life, any age and from any country. Trying to pigeonhole digital nomads is like trying to find the end of a rainbow. Probably the one thing that binds them all is a need to be […]

  • Help! What’s all this stuff I read about Croatian bureaucracy? 

    Have you thrown a Rubik cube  to the floor in sheer frustration?  Well welcome to a country where the bureaucracy is very much like a Rubik’s cube. Firstly, it all looks extremely complicated and impossible to finish, then with every move that you think you’ve successfully made another problem jumps out. And just as you’re […]

  • What’s the difference between a tourist and a remote worker?

    When is a tourist not a tourist, when they are digital nomads! Probably the only real connection between these two groups is that they both love to travel and see new sights, and that’s about it. It’s almost like trying to compare apples with pears, yes, they are both fruits but what else do they have […]