The recent introduction of the digital nomad visa in Croatia has been welcomed by remote workers and our small but well known country is becoming a home to people from all over the world.

Through our legal expertise and local experience, we have been able to secure temporary residency to remote workers and their families, no matter how complex the issues involved.  We have experience with dealing with Croatian authorities as well as service providers for translation, insurance needs, relocation and housing solutions.  

Here is an overview of the questions we get asked most about the conditions and requirements of the visa.

Digital Nomad Visa
Croatia is one of the very first countries in the world to entice digital nomads to live and work in Croatia by providing a Digital Nomad Visa, which provides eligible applicants with the ability to live and work anywhere in Croatia for up to 12 months. Here is overview of the questions we get asked most about the conditions and requirements of this visa.  

1.     How do I apply?

This is relatively simple – you need to submit a Form 1A with the supporting documents listed below.  

If applying from outside of Croatia, you will need to apply from your local Croatian Consulate (you can check these details here –\\ ).  You should contact them before submitting the application to check for any specific requirements they may have, based on your location.

If applying from Croatia, you will need to apply from either the Croatian Consulate or your local police station, which will depend on where you live (you can check these details here –  

2.     What supporting documents are required?

You’ll need the following supporting documents:

  • a copy of your valid travel document (the validity period of the travel document must be three months longer than the period of validity of your intended stay).
  • proof of health insurance (travel or private health insurance which must have coverage for the territory of the Republic of Croatia).
  • proof of your employment / status as a digital nomad.  This can be an employment contract or other document proving that your work is performed through communication technology for a foreign employer or for your own company that is not registered in Croatia), such as a statement from your employer or from you (as proof that the business being done is through communication technology) and a contract of employment or proof of the performance of work for a foreign employer, or a copy of the registration of your own company and proof that you perform all of the stated tasks through your own company.
  • proof of income and proof of funds – meaning that you will need to show both that you have the capacity to earn the required monthly minimum and that you have a sufficient amount of funds in your bank account before you come to Croatia. The current amount set by the regulations is 16,142.50 kuna net per month (which is increased by an additional 10 percent for each individual dependent (i.e. a partner or child).  Alternatively,  you can show you have in your bank account an amount that is 12 times the required monthly minimum (plus 10% for each dependent).
  • Proof that you haven’t been convicted of any criminal offenses in your home country or the country in which you resided for more than a year immediately before your arrival in Croatia. These documents will need to be notarised if there is no bilateral or multilateral treaty between Croatia and the other country abolishing or simplifying the notarisation requirements. We can provide further advice on these and further information is available here: .

3.    Do I need to show proof of residence?

When submitting the application, you’ll be required to state the address of your place of residence or intended stay in Croatia. This is important for the purpose of determining the administrative police station that will deal with your application. If your first application is submitted and you don’t yet have an address in Croatia, it’s been made possible for you to state your temporary address (hostel/hotel if a reservation is booked/confirmed) as the address of your intended stay for the purpose of application processing.  You are able to move around to different locations while in Croatia but you will need to inform the local authorities of this.

4.     What are the fees involved?

Payment of visa fees, which depend on whether the visa is submitted from within Croatia or outside Croatia. If applying outside Croatia, the fees are approx. 1,190 kuna.  If applying from within Croatia, the fees are approx. 660 kuna.  Additional fees may apply for notarisation of legal documents and obtaining criminal history checks, so it is important to factor these in.

5.     So, why Croatia.

Croatia is a country where English is widely spoken, a country that offers a unique way of life with authentic experiences, has good internet connection even on remote islands,  favourable climate and beautiful natural surroundings, good proximity and access to the rest of Europe, highly affordable compared to European standards and good and affordable healthcare.  

There are lots of locations around Croatia that can offer a varied, comfortable and affordable experience for digital nomads and we’d absolutely suggest Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik or Rijeka and perhaps Zadar or Pula or, for inland options (aside from Zagreb) somewhere like Varazdin or Osijek.  However not all offer the same experience all year round and so it is important to do your research (or talk to us!) to plan out your stay in Croatia to optimize your time here.

6.     What is my tax treatment while working in Croatia on the digital nomad visa?

Persons who are actually in Croatia on a digital nomad visa are provided a tax exemption for their income, so that they are not required to pay any taxes in Croatia for their income. Taxes may still be payable in your usual place of residence so it is important to get legal advice – or speak to us – about your tax position.